Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cousin Camp

Since Frank was driving to Houston before our cruise and I was driving from Houston back to Dallas after the cruise, we decided to do a cousin swap.  Marcy went to stay with Molly and the Thompsons and then Molly came to stay with Marcy and the Mounts.  It was like summer camp (sort of.)  In Houston Marcy got to go swimming and create an in-home day spa and go bowling for the very first time ever (how sad that she is almost 10 and I never took her bowling!)  In Dallas, Molly got to go swimming and build a planter and go to Gatti Town. And of course they played!

Marcy and Molly and their planters with plants of choice
Unfortunately, Molly left hers here.  I think the cactuses are still alive

Emily and Anna acting extra silly with their
prize mustaches from Gatti Town

 A whole bunch of cousins having fun

When it was time to go home we decided to meet Samantha and family in Centerville, Texas to make the cousin swap.  It was halfway for both of us (obviously, what else could halfway mean?) and we had lunch at Woody's Smokehouse - a gas station barbeque that was outstanding.  The Rehagens came along so it was a big family lunch and then we bought up all kinds of bread and jerky and jelly and kolaches.  Mmmmm.

We'll have to do Cousin Camp again sometime.  But, the other cousins are going to be jealous if we let Marcy and Molly have all the fun!

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