Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lake Louise Christmas Eve

Even though Lake Louise is an almost 3 hour drive from Kimberley we couldn't pass up the chance of having afternoon tea. And what better day to do that than on Christmas Eve. We got up early, picked up Olivia in Invermere, stopped at Tim Horton's (because everyone visiting Canada should stop at Tim Horton's) and then we all (me, Wowa, Mimi, Mark, Madeline, and Olivia) headed through the mountain pass for a nice afternoon.

Always a great view
(although we were in the dining room this time, not the lounge)

Cool ice sculpture on the lake

Out on the frozen lake

Wowa could not venture out on the ice
but enjoyed wandering in the cold (?)

It was a great day and the tea was outstanding as usual (scones and mango/cilantro sandwiches - yum!) I don't think we will ever pass up an opportunity to go back.
PS And Mark entertained us all with a lively reading for Harry Potter on the way back. He should definitely be one of those audio book narrators!

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