Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Emily decided to take up hockey when we moved to Almaty. We bought all the equipment in Calgary and she was ready to go. Just one little thing - she didn't know how to play. She refused to take skating lessons because "Coach Chris already taught me to skate" according to her. Luckily, we found hockey training on Sat mornings. It wasn't a team but it wasn't lessons either. It was hockey drills designed to improve players' skills and perfect for Emily. Of course, once again it was all boys but she's used to that by now.

They got to have one game and here are the photos!
Face off!!

Proudly wearing the Canadian Flag

Some of the boys are slightly bigger than Emily

Emily is taking a break from hockey right now so she can play Sat basketball at school. Since that is only 4 weeks she might be back to hockey or perhaps she'll try ski club for a few weekends if the snow holds out. Emily has figured out the she "stinks at hockey" according to her.

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