Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kimberley Christmas Day

I'm so behind that this ought to be a "blast from the past" post but we'll just call it catching up and blame the funky work-around I have to use in order to blog in Almaty. (Hopefully everyone can enjoy the postings which have taken me HOURS to get up today.)
This was our 2nd Christmas to spend away from "home" while vacationing. Eight years ago we spent Marcy's first Christmas in a Thailand hotel room. This was much nicer. And while our tree was better than the 12 in plastic one years ago it was still definitely a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I brought the ornaments from Dallas - just enough! And our innovative tree stand is a bucket with a cut off pylon inside to hold the trunk, surrounded by water bottles for weight distribution, stuffed with cut up towels for stability and covered with a towel the color of Christmas gold! I was very proud of myself for getting it to stay up. By Christmas morning you can see it had started to lean a bit.
But, no worries, it held up all the way through New Year's and there was plenty of space for the presents (which is what matters, right?) Here are the girls enjoying opening those presents:

Wowa and Mimi were there for Christmas morning as always and it was great fun to have Mark and Pop-Pop join the fun as well.

We'll be back for Christmas Day in four more years when it's our turn to use the condo again. I would definitely do it again and who knows who will come along next time!

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