Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween, Part II

We lucked out when we returned to Almaty when we found out that the Almaty International Women's Club trick-or-treat would be the Fri AFTER Halloween due to the school holidays the week before. At first I decided to hide this fact from the kids and just let Halloween be for the year. But, then I decided they deserved the chance to really dress up and really go out to trick-or-treat. We met some friends and went as a group to the pre-arranged neighborhood.

Pictured below: Marcy (dressed as a nerd), Jordan (Jesse from Toy Story), Olivia (China girl in my spooky Rome mask), Emily (a rock diva), Soehyun (spider-woman) and Hailey (Cruella Devil) and down in front starring Caroline as the litte chicken. (not pictured - James as Curious George.)

It was as close to a real American event as you can get here. Lots of people out, houses decorated, jack o'lanterns glowing, and plenty of candy. Well worth it!!

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