Friday, November 19, 2010

A day at the beach

We didn't end up making it to Venice as planned. After much back and forth on what we should do with our last 2 days in Italy we decided to just stick around Rome. We went and stayed at a Sheraton near the airport. The beach was a 20 minute train ride and we had some decent weather so we headed out.

The train was much less crowded and much more relaxing as we had a seat and no one was freaking out about the pick-pocketers. (I think our children have been scarred for life by Mary's unfortunate experience.)

The water was freezing and the beach was deserted but we walked a pretty good length of it, collected some shells, and the girls dug in the sand for awhile.

The little beach town was very nice and I bet it is a great spot in the summer. There were some great views.

We ate lunch at one of the few resort spots that was open. When the sun stayed out from behind the clouds it was nice and warm. Frank and I had planned on a beer-free day but the setting called for one more cold one! We also both ordered seafood risotto which was a refreshing change from daily pasta and pizza. I had to snap a photo of the friend on my plate that thoroughly disgusted our seafood-averse children.

Overall a nice day and a great use of an unplanned day in Rome.

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