Saturday, November 20, 2010

Girl Scout hike

We finally got to take our Girl Scout hike up in the mountains 2 weeks ago. It was a really nice day 30 minutes down the mountain in Almaty and much more snowy than we expected higher up. But worse than the snow was the mud since our hike took us across the sunny side. It wasn't as cold as you'd expect so other than the mud it was a very nice little trek.

This is the after shot. Most everyone is still smiling. If we had all the parents who hiked in the picture there would be less smiles. The adults were definitely less tolerant of the mud and mess than the girls.
It actually was not an easy hike. Our guide decided to leave the trail and do a little "bushwhacking" for fun. I think this is when she lost the adults enthusiasm.

At the top of the hike there was a nice flat spot used as a helicopter pad. Lots of snow and a good place to stop for a drink and snack before heading back down.

I think we'll hike again in the spring. It was a hit with all the girls. Not sure we'll get so many parent volunteers next time!!

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