Thursday, March 22, 2012


As part of our skiing spring break we stopped in Milan for a few days.  If we ever get to Venice, I think we will have seen almost all of Italy.  Milan reminded me of a more touristy Naples. Here's what we saw:

The Duomo

From the roof of the Duomo

The Galleria
(an open air mall of high-end stores)

The Sfeurzo Castle
(I don't feel like looking up the corect spelling)

A bridge to the castle designed by Leonardo da Vinci

A small aquarium

Very old church, St Ambrose - city patron
(I'm like my mother, dragging everyone inside churches)

The Leonardo da Vinci Science Museum
(the description sounded really cool but it was pretty awful)

We did see plenty of cool Leonardo da Vinci works, including the Last Supper painting.  That was really cool to see and we were happy we managed to get tickets.  They allow groups of 25 inside for 15 minutes each.  Here's a statue of Leonardo outside the famous La Scala Opera House:

Three days was the perfect amount of time in Milan.  We didn't miss anything other than a trip to the soccer stadium but both AC Milan and Inter-Milan were not playing and not everyone wanted to just go look at a stadium again like in Madrid.  Last but not least we ate lots of good food:

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