Saturday, March 24, 2012

Club Med

I wasn't sure how our Club Med experience would work out but it has been pretty good.  Emily and Marcy have particularly enjoyed it.  We have barely seen them as they have spent all their time at the kids club and with the friends they have made there.  Emily was a bit worried about doing the ski group but she ended up spending 4 out of 5 days with it and loved it.  She and Marcy both improved their skiing as well.  Here they are at awards night:

The advanced ski group

With Emily's friend, Juliette
(the only Canadian in the whole hotel I think, but Emily found her)

Marcy with her friend Anna
(from Mexico City, another rare North American)

The girls also participated in the kids club show.  This is right up Marcy's alley but I was surprised that Emily would put up with fancy costumes and face painting and dancing on stage but they both seemed to have fun with the whole thing:

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