Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Vacation - Seattle

We planned a two week vacation this summer centering on a Disney Alaskan Cruise in the company of the extended Rehagen family.  We started the trip with a side trip to Seattle.  Amazingly, that is a city Frank had never visited but I had!  I hardly remember it, as it was 20+ years ago visiting Krista Sorensen and I believe our focus and interests were a bit different back then!

We had an exciting start to vacation - a limo from the airport was the same price as a cab.  Woohoo!

We couldn't visit a new city without checking out the ballpark - twice.  Mariners vs Red Sox and Mariners vs Angels.  The Red Sox game was an afternoon game with great weather.  Perfect day!

The not so perfect part - a hard hit foul ball came right to Frank's seat and hit off his hands, right to this Mariners fan in front of him (who wouldn't shut up about foul ball stories).  Frank said it was one of the worst feelings of his life.

Game 2 was much more low-key - only Emily and Marcy went with Frank and I, but still a fun night game.  Bill Nye, the science guy, threw out the first pitch.  Despite rumors going around, he is not dead!

Other Seattle stuff:  Space Needle, Aquarium, Public Market.

 Views from the Space Needle

Public Market

At the aquarium

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