Friday, April 20, 2012

Things to look forward to...

May 20 - We fly home to Dallas (for good!)

May 26 - Madeline graduates from Hockaday

Week of May 28 - maybe a trip to Houston (you'll be around, Samantha?)

June 3 - Frank and I will be in San Diego for a 1/2 marathon run

June 17 - Frog Camp/orientation week for Madeline at TCU!!

June 22 - A weekend in New Jersey mountains (who knew they had mountains?) with the ND Lewis Hall Chickens

June 25 - A week in Canada

July 1 - Frank runs the St Petersburg marathon (wish I could be there)

July 20-something - Cruise from New Orleans around the Carribbean and all the girls have friends along to entertain them

Mid-Aug - Olivia starts soph year at Ursuline and Emily (7th grade) and Marcy (4th grade) start at St. Monica.  (And maybe I'll start a new library job somewhere!)

Somehow I thought this would not be a busy summer.  I'll try to convince myself now that since we'll be settled in Dallas we will not have a busy first 1/2 of the school year.  But, it's inevitable - soccer practices, soccer games, dance classes, ice skating lessons, an occasional trip because can't just stop traveling cold turkey - it will be crazy as usual

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Anonymous said...

We will be here. We have school tues, wed, 1/2 day thurs.