Friday, May 20, 2011

Cats (not real ones)

We'll take break from Istanbul to get a post in about my week with Madeline.  I got there just in time last Saturday to see her perform in the Jesuit Spring One-Act plays.  She was in the fall One-Acts as well and we had to miss that one so I was glad the timing worked well for this one.

Her play was a spoof of the musical Cats and was quite funny.  (All the plays were comedies which was a good thing.  If they had been intense drama I might have fallen asleep from jet lag.)  Madeline didn't have any lines as they were just singing a few of the songs from the musical (and she was supposed to sing quietly!)  But, she played Victoria the cat and danced around the stage in an awful white catsuit.  (Bad photos since I couldn't use the flash, but you can certainly pick her out.)

The large cat on the right was particularly funny as he liked to stroke his fur during the whole play

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