Monday, February 14, 2011

Character Day

It's Literacy Month at AIS so last Friday we had Character dress-up day.  Being that I work in the library I decided it was especially important that we take this day seriously.  So, the girls dressed up, I dressed up, and I got the other two library staff to dress up.  (Not many other teachers came in costume and most not nearly as elaborate as ours and most took them off - but, hey, we're librarians!!)

Emily went through many costume ideas:  Anne of Green Gables (we had an apron but no dress or appropriate hat), Baby Mouse (would require too much explanation), and finally Julie, the American Girl.  Julie won when I pulled a shirt out of the closet that looks just like hers.  Marcy also could not decide.  She wanted to be Kit, the American Girl but we didn't really have the right clothes.  I told her to be Amelia Bedelia but she didn't like that (so I decided to go as her.)  Finally, she decided on Junie B. Jones - not her favorite character but easy to dress like.  Olivia went with her friends as some vampyre from the House of Night series (spelling from the book, not my mis-spelling.)  We called her Goth Girl because she dressed in all black and refused to have her photo taken.  (I have since banned her from reading the books after I read reviews that they used inappropriate language and had sexual content.  I have to start pre-reading like I did for Madeline but I sure hate vampire books.) are the photos:

Emily (aka Julie) and Marcy (aka Junie B.)

Marcy and friends and Marcy leading the character parade

Emily and friends

Junie B and Amelia Bedelia

Library Staff: Cowgirl Kate, Amelia Bedelia, and Rapunzel

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